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Show Performance Beauty Cat

For adult cats over 1 year old participating in shows.



SHOW PERFORMANCE Beauty Cat is a precisely balanced complete feed which helps support the beauty and health of the coat. This formula is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) high quality protein (L.I.P.) and Omega 6 fatty acids (borage oil) which are known for their beneficial effects on skin and coat. And as a healthy skin takes part in a qualitative coat, an exclusive complex of nutrients helps support the skin’s ”barrier” role.

Formulated with hydrolysed milk protein and L-tryptophan, know for their healthy positive effect in a new and challenging environment, Show Performance Beauty Cat helps the cat cope with intense show conditions.



An exclusive combination of nutrients including sources of very high quality protein (L.I.P.), prebiotics (FOS) and specific fibres (psyllium) helps support a balanced intestinal flora and optimal stool quality.


A combination of specific fibres helps stimulate intestinal transit and naturally limit hairball formation.


Click here to download the Show Performance Information Brochure
Click here to download the Show Performance Beauty Cat Pro Technical Sheet