Show Sponsorship

We are proud to support cat and dog show events all across the UK and Ireland.

We currently sponsor the following types of events:

Cat Shows:

  • GCCF shows
  • TICA shows

Dog Shows:

  • Breed club open shows
  • Breed club championship shows
  • General open shows
  • General championship shows
  • Group open shows
  • Gala events

Please read the criteria below to see if you are eligible to apply for show sponsorship.


How ROYAL CANIN® support

We offer tailored sponsorship of dog and cat shows, depending on the type of event you are running.

All events are supported with a show pack that includes:

  • Logos
  • Adverts
  • Guidelines
  • Terms and conditions of sponsorship.

These supporting materials will enable you to display the ROYAL CANIN® brand effectively on your printed materials and at your show.

You will receive gift certificates for your winners, which will entitle them to a product discount and a ROYAL CANIN® product gift*.

Please note that all applications will be assessed on an individual basis, as per the eligibility criteria.

Please be aware that in all cases, ROYAL CANIN® is to be the sole feed or supplement sponsor and applications must be received at least four months in advance.

*Discount and gift may vary based on the type of event and stock availability.


Criteria for eligibility

  • Applications for event sponsorship must be made at least four months in advance.
  • Sponsorship will only be available on the basis of one event per society per calendar year.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to stringently follow our Ethical Policy and we draw your attention to the Animal Welfare section of that policy.
  • ROYAL CANIN® is to be the sole feed or supplement sponsor.
  • Sponsorship is given solely at the discretion of ROYAL CANIN®.
  • If your event has a website, a link through to the ROYAL CANIN® website ( must be featured for a minimum of 12 months from successful application and approved by ROYAL CANIN®.
  • ROYAL CANIN® reserves the right to change the prizes, depending on the event. Prize content to be confirmed upon successful application.
  • All printed material must acknowledge ROYAL CANIN® as the sponsors, with the correct logo in line with ROYAL CANIN® brand guidelines.
  • Option to include a full page advert in event material, to be approved by ROYAL CANIN® ahead of print.
  • Only approved ROYAL CANIN® artwork is to be used – assets will be sent by ROYAL CANIN® following successful application.
  • Electronic copies of all printed materials and show schedules must be emailed to the ROYAL CANIN® show sponsorship team prior to the event.
  • All collateral featuring the ROYAL CANIN® logo or imagery must be approved by ROYAL CANIN® at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • If photographs of winners are taken, copies to be sent to ROYAL CANIN® with the right of use for 12 months.

Apply for show sponsorship

Please read the criteria above to see if you are eligible to apply for show sponsorship before you apply.