No one knows cats and dogs better than you. We are proud to have been working in partnership with you for over 50 years.

Your observations and our commitment to the health of cats and dogs have led to innovative products helping them transform into the magnificent animals they are with precise, tailored nutrition to meet their breed, size, sensitivities, age and lifestyle.

Sunny Harbour, Lochgelly

“Royal Canin has been the food of choice for Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue since our inception in 2008.  We chose this food range as the vast choice of food types enables us to tailor diets specifically to each cat or kitten in our care, many of whom arrive malnourished and with a range of health issues.Diet is incredibly important in these cases to help their rehabilitation and we know we can rely on the Royal Canin range to provide appropriate nutrition support to help these cats and kittens back to health. We use the full Babycat & Queen ranges also for our work with nursing and pregnant female cats and orphaned kittens.  Royal Canin offers the best range of tailored options for us from early stage milk replacement, through weaning and beyond.We have always found our account manager helpful, friendly and approachable and recommend the Royal Canin range to all members of the public we work with.”

Small kitten being fed with a Royal Canin bottle

Vet holding black and white cat

Wood Green, Godmanchester

“Royal Canin helps Wood Green, The Animals Charity provide exceptional care to the thousands of cats and kittens we take in and rehome every year.Our feline residents absolutely love the taste of the food and it helps them maintain the best possible condition ready to find their new homes.”