Puppy and Kitten Recommendation

Our Royal Canin Puppy and Kitten Packs are available to support your nutritional recommendation.

We offer a clear, simple solution which will provide a quality introduction to our brand for all of your puppy and kitten owners.

Simply request your Recommendation Cards when you register a litter with a member of our dedicated team or through the webshop.

Puppy and kitten

Making Your Royal Canin Recommendation

* Pet Owner will require a valid email address to register for their welcome box

Benefits to you

  • This simple recommendation process allows you to give clear advice.
  • You’ll get 20 points for every new owner we speak to and 30 additional points when they redeem their voucher.
  • We will reinforce your nutritional message, so owners are more likely to keep feeding the product that’s best for their new pet.

Benefits to new owners

  • High quality recommended food and gifts delivered right to their door.
  • One quick phone call means we can take responsibility for the registration process.
  • Nutritional advice provided both by you – the breeder – and ROYAL CANIN® before the puppy or kitten is collected.
  • Confidence in the choice of diet and support available.
  • Personal contact from us means tailored, individual advice and owners feel confident to contact us in future.

Benefits to your puppy or kitten

  • No change in diet during the delicate rehoming period.
  • Receives tailored health nutrition selected according to their individual needs.
  • A better-informed and supported owner means better care and management in the new home.

The importance of dietary consistency

Growth is a delicate time for the puppy or kitten

Why Royal Canin?

As a breeder, you have chosen to feed Royal Canin because you believe it offers the best nutrition for your puppies/kittens.

Animal First

At Royal Canin everything we do is for the cat and dog. We are founded on the principles of knowledge and respect. For over 50 years we have worked in partnership with breeders and vets to advance our understanding of the specific nutritional needs of cats and dogs, respecting their true nature and characteristics.

Tailored Nutrition

For us, each cat and dog is an individual. We consider age, size, lifestyle, sensitivities and breed to develop precise nutritional formulations tailored to different needs, helping to support optimal health and condition in each and every dog and cat.

Rather than simply building our foods from a list of ingredients we wish to use, our nutrient-led approach means that we precisely balance over 50 nutrients, each with its specific benefits, and then select the right high-quality raw materials to deliver these nutrients.

Visible Performance

Feeding a great diet gives results you can see. Our knowledge of feeding preferences and palatability allows us to develop formulas that we know cats and dogs enjoy. After all, even the best diet is useless if it’s not eaten! A high level of digestibility helps encourage a healthy digestive performance and good stool quality.

We believe that the right nutrition can be transformational, with visible benefits to skin, coat, body condition and ideal growth.

Value for Money

Choosing the right diet for your pet represents a long-term investment and our tailored health nutrition formulas go beyond simply meeting basic nutritional requirements. But feeding a quality diet costs less than you think. Quality nutrition means high digestibility and smaller meals – a bag lasts longer and there is less waste too. All this means that feeding costs per day represent great value for money.

Which product to recommend?

  • Recommend a Royal Canin product appropriate to your puppy or kitten’s specific needs. 
  • Visit www.royalcanin.com/uk/tailored-nutrition to demonstrate your recommended product to your new owners.
  • If you have questions about the best nutritional recommendation for your new owners, speak to your Area Business Manager.

What happens now?

  • Write your breeder number and recommended product clearly* on the Recommendation Card.
  • Remind your new owner to send us the SMS now so that we can speak to them and send their Welcome Box before they collect their new puppy or kitten.

*if recommended product is not clearly given on the card, there is a risk that the product in the Welcome Box will not match your recommendation and the puppy or kitten will experience a sudden diet change.

Feeding one of these products?

These products are not available in the Welcome Boxes, so you will need to recommend the following ROYAL CANIN® Size Health Nutrition Puppy product and feed this in the few weeks before collection:

Let your owners know that the more tailored product is your longer term recommendation. They can then use their voucher for this product and we can advise them on how to transition.

In our experience, it is extremely rare for an owner to be unable to send us a text to initiate the 48 hour phone call. In the unlikely event that you have a new owner without a mobile phone, please contact your Business Manager for further advice.

Your new owners will see that they are being contacted by a local number. The number will NOT be witheld.

We will try to contact each new owner 4 times and leave a voicemail each time. On the fourth attempt we will advise in our message that we will not keep trying to call, but that the owner can text us again, including a good time to call in the message, if they do wish us to try again. Historically, we have managed to make contact successfully with over 95% of owners who have texted us.

Our Welcome Boxes, sent directly to the new owner’s home, contain Royal Canin product. Unfortunately a small number of our breed or active growth products are not available in the bag-size so we are unable to include these in the Welcome Boxes. However, if you wish to recommended these products as the most tailored options for your puppies, do advise your new owners to use these in the longer term. You can send them to their new homes on the appropriate Size Health Nutrition growth diet so that we can supply this in the Welcome Box. Your new owners can then use their voucher to get their first bag, and transition from the product in the Welcome Box.

We know that, in most cases, you will want to see and speak to new owners so that they can pre-book their new puppy/kitten and be prepared well before collection. However, we also know that there are occasionally situations in which this doesn’t happen. We would encourage you to make your recommendation and give the cards to owners before collection wherever possible. When you are first in contact with an owner by phone or email and you feel that it is very likely that they will buy and collect at the same time, or an owner lives a long distance away and is unable to visit prior to collection, we would suggest that you send the recommendation cards by post, or give the recommendation and text details by phone or email as a back-up option. We can still speak to them before they collect and send them a Welcome Box. If you feel that you are likely to sell puppies/kittens without any opportunity for contact first, we still have our small bags available for you to order and give to those owners as they collect. Do still encourage them to text straight away so that we can contact them within 48 hours and send their Welcome Box and vouchers straight away.

We find the personalised contact allows us to support owners better – explaining our brand and products fully, giving individual advice and helping find a retailer for them to continue purchasing. This helps new owners feel more confident in your recommendation and the nutritional messages you have given can be reinforced. Rest assured that this contact will not be a sales or ‘cold-call’ type conversation and it is not intended to replace your relationship with your new owners. As a breeder your support and advice is invaluable to your new owners in the early days, and throughout your puppies/kitten’s lives, and we will be sure to direct your new owners back to you with questions. However, the phone call allows us to start a direct relationship with owners too, so that they feel they can approach us with questions about feeding.

Sending the Welcome Boxes direct to the owners gives a high-quality experience for them as they first encounter the brand. The box can be sent at a time when the owner is happy to receive it, before they collect their puppy/kitten, so that they have time to read through the information and redeem their vouchers if they wish. Sending the box direct also allows us to include the personalised voucher in the box for better impact, and ensures we can send the right product every time, with no issues around stock management or product shelf-life. As we take responsibility for sending the Welcome Box to the new owner, you can focus fully on making a strong, clear nutritional recommendation.

As long as your new owners have your breeder number clearly written on their card, we can allocate your 20 points once we speak to them, although it may take up to two weeks for the points to appear on your account. Once the voucher has been redeemed, we will easily be able to link this back to you and allocate your further 30 points. Please do bear in mind however that there can be a delay of several weeks before we receive voucher redemption data from some retailers.

Kirstie Forster, Megalmar Rottweilers

I found the new Puppy Pack a great idea because it helped me and the new owners to start getting things in place for the puppy to arrive to it’s new home. The Puppy Packs are sent direct which means that the new owners are organised and have the food that we have been feeding in place for the puppy.

Malcolm Shovel, English Springer Spaniels

As a breeder, we know the benefits of feeding the right food. It is important that our puppies have the best start in life and that is continued in their rapid growth to maturity.
The Puppy Pack backs up our recommendation. By getting the pack to the new owner, before they pick the puppy up, they have the information on the food they will be feeding. They are supported in finding a supplier and getting the bags of food ties them into the benefits before they even have the dog. The blanket is useful as we always ask them to bring something we can leave to get the smell of the litter. It also means the puppy is starting to have its own things. The Puppy Pack helps reinforce our rhetoric to ensure the puppy gets the best start. It has been well received by all of the owners from our last litter.

Clara De Dios, Nandinakatts

We as a breeder are extremely happy with the new Kitten Packs. It gives the new owners something else to look forward to while they are waiting for the kitten, which makes them even more excited to send the text and wait for what they get. The Kitten Pack is really cute and useful with the food and toy etc in it instead of an envelope with vouchers that no-one was using. Some of the new owners are even using the box for the kitten to play in, a much better idea than the previous one and a much more useful pack.

Julie Anthony, Sharamka Chihuahuas

Royal Canin comes up trumps again, with the introduction of the ‘Puppy Welcome Packs’. It’s an ideal pack for my Chihuahua pups, with the new owners receiving a puppy guide book, Educ treats, puppy booklet, blanket and a bag of Mini Puppy. If that is not all, the new owner then receive a further money off voucher.

My new owners loved the packs and the puppies loved them too.

Pauline Leonard, Wynrita Golden Retrievers

I felt they were an improvement on the old packs, especially as the new owners are able to have the food before they get their puppy. The packs were more attractive to look at and Royal Canin getting in touch with the new owner is a nice touch.

Colin Wadell, Riqitta Irish Setters

The new Puppy Pack has been very well received by our new puppy owners. All of the new owners applied for the Welcome Pack by sending a simple text and have been delighted to receive Royal Canin food, vouchers and a gift. The pack was delivered within a few days. It’s a great support to breeders like us who have used the product for many years and recommend new owners to continue to use the product. We now highlight the Welcome Pack in our new owners manual.

Chris Johnson, Choriand Golden Retrievers

Both me and my new puppy owners were delighted with the new Puppy Packs. They enabled the owners to be ready for their new babies and received all the help they needed from Royal Canin staff.

Carole Ash, Jococa British Shorthairs

The new kitten packs are fantastic. New kitten owners have been really happy with the food and the voucher – and the boxes have been a huge hit with the kittens! 

Terms & Conditions

  • To be eligible for participation in our recommendation programme you must be a member of the Royal Canin PRO Club.
  • You must adhere to the Royal Canin Pro Club Terms & Conditions and the Royal Canin Responsible Breeder Charter
  • Only litters registered with Royal Canin within 4 weeks of birth are eligible for the recommendation scheme.
  • A maximum of two puppies and kittens per new pet owner household are eligible for the recommendation scheme.
  • You must be feeding the Royal Canin product that is being recommended to the puppy or kitten, and have purchased a Royal Canin birth and growth product via your PRO Club account within the last three months.
  • Breeder must recommend Royal Canin exclusively to the pet owner.
  • Puppies and kittens that are being kept by you, the breeder, are not eligible for the recommendation scheme.
  • The recommendation scheme is only available to pet owners who are resident in the UK or ROI.
  • In line with GDPR regulations, the new pet owner must send the text to Royal Canin. You, the breeder, must not send a text on behalf of the new pet owner.
  • On successful completion of the first call with the new pet owner 20 breeder loyalty points will be awarded to your breeder PRO Club account. This may take up to 2 weeks to appear.
  • Royal Canin endeavours to contact the new pet owner within 48 hours of receiving the text. This applies to weekdays only and excludes weekends and bank holidays, during busy times this may take up to 5 working days.
  • An additional 30 points will be awarded to your breeder PRO Club account when the new pet owner redeems their money off voucher, this may take several weeks for the owner to redeem and the points to appear.
  • Royal Canin reserves the right to withdraw breeder participation and to withhold points previously credited to your breeder account if there is reason to believe that there has been misuse of the scheme.
  • Royal Canin reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.