Health needs a Royal Start.

Introducing a new solution to help make daily tasks more efficient for you – ROYAL START.

With just a few clicks, register all your animals to keep track of their health and growth. Record all of your litter mate’s genders, coat colours and more!


Improving the follow-up care that you can bring to your pets, Royal Start will help you to give them all the attention they need and the best possible care for their growth.


Create new experiences, through the publication of photos or moments of your pet’s life, which can be shared with future pet owners to gain visibility and raise your profile.


Royal Start will support you in becoming more efficient in your daily tasks and manage your breeding activity in the best way possible.

Track pet health

Complete your newborns health records, track their growth curves and help identify any litter mates at risk.

Share with pet owner

Share your breeding activity, keep in touch and create a bond with your new pet owner by sharing photos and advice prior to the collection of their new pet.

Managing your business

  • Input, update and track the life cycles of your cats and dogs
  • Share your expertise with new owners
  • Share important documents and tips with new owners
  • Enhance efficiency in your daily work

Preparing for the challenges ahead

  • Recognise risks and track trends to monitor health
  • Utilise digital record keeping to experience more benefits than paper tracking
  • Provide outstanding service to your new pet owners

Excite and engage!

  • Keep in touch and create a bond with your new owner
  • Create their life story and send photos to their new family
  • Book and manage appointments with your new pet owners at the click of a button

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