Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity that train Hearing Dogs to alert deaf people to everyday sounds and danger signals in their home, work place, and in public buildings.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was launched in 1982, at Crufts dog show.

  • Hearing Dogs are provided to deaf people at no charge.
  • Hearing Dogs wear burgundy jackets and lead slips, helping others to recognise an otherwise largely invisible disability.
  • Each dog is trained to the specific needs of the deaf individual they have been matched to, creating a life-changing partnership.
  • The life-changing benefits of a Hearing Dog are so far-reaching that they currently have a waiting list of people who could benefit enormously.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have created over 1,600 life-changing partnerships between deaf people and Hearing Dogs. However, demand is growing and it is vital they train more puppies to meet this need.

To find out more about this amazing charity here, visit the website.

Royal Canin & Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

ROYAL CANIN® is proud to be the sole supplier of food for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

We provide each and every Hearing Dog that we help to feed with tailored food to meet their variety of nutritional needs.

Through national campaigns, we have worked in partnership with Hearing Dogs to make more life-changing partnerships by directly support the training of Hearing Dog puppy Jazz in 2012, and Echo in 2014.

Help form an amazing partnership

By sponsoring a dog, you can help create a unique partnership between a deaf person and a Hearing Dog. Matches are made with great care and partnerships are supported on an ongoing basis.

Hearing Dogs are loved and valued, with deaf people often finding that their lives are completely transformed by the partnership.

Learn more about Puppy Sponsorship and sign up today by visiting donate.hearingdogs.org.uk.