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Rescue Partnership

We are looking for partners who share our belief that the animal comes first.

Balanced nutrition, tailored to the individual animals need is important to ROYAL CANIN® and we are passionate about providing high quality food to support their needs.

Here at ROYAL CANIN® we are looking to work in partnership with rescue centres who want to share, promote and educate the benefits of tailored nutrition to the owners of their rehomed cats and dogs.

Our partnership gives rescue centres the tools to support their recipients & permanent fosterers to become responsible pet owners. ROYAL CANIN® has created a partnership which will provide continued support for rescue centre cats and dogs.

The rescue package is split into 3 different packages; Recommender, Occasional Purchaser and Frequent Purchaser. Each level of the partnership has its own great benefits; every rescue centre joining the partnership joins at the recommender level.

Recommenders can support all rehomed cats and dog for free by providing continued support for them with ROYAL CANIN® recommendation packs, full of advice as well as free food vouchers. Using the recommendation packs will earn your rescue centre points which can then be used to purchase food or branded premia items.


Do you manage or work at a rescue centre? Now is your chance to join the partnership for FREE!

Call us on 0845 300 5965 (UK) or 1890 882 356 (Ireland) for more information.