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How to claim your FREE 1.5kg – 4kg bag of ROYAL CANIN® dog food!*

1                     Go to

2                     Scratch off the silver panel in your FREE BAG BOOKLET to reveal your Unique Code.

3                     Enter you Unique Code.

4                     Enter your club’s ROYAL CANIN® account number which should be written in your FREE BAG BOOKLET.

5                     Enter your details and select a retailer

6                     You will be sent your FREE BAG food voucher in the post within 5 working days.

7                     Take your voucher into your selected retailer to collect your FREE BAG of dog food.


 Please call the office on 0845 300 5965 to speak to a member of our team about the items available with your points.

*Terms and conditions apply: Please visit for details