Puppy ProTech Testimonials


“I would just like to share our results with your new product, PUPPY PROTECH milk. As we knew we where expecting a larger than normal litter of basset hounds I bought the PROTECH milk replacer in advance so we could use it straight from birth. 17 puppies arrived but the last two arrived asleep and one died within the first 24 hours which left us with 14 hungry mouths to feed. We started by giving 5ml of milk every 2 hours then progressed to 10ml every 3 hours, at the end of the first week with Mum constantly feeding them too. We are now on 25-30ml every 4 hours and all 14 are thriving. We both feel that this has been due to the excellent new PUPPY PROTECH product.”
Debbie & Malcolm Ellrich

“ROYAL CANIN®’s PUPPY PROTECH Colostrum is crucial in any breeders whelping kit, we used it when we had insufficient lactation and WE LOVE IT! The scientifically proven formula was most palatable to the new-borns and they thrived from their very first drop through to weaning, with no digestive issues and harmonious growth.”
Zara Boyle & Will Harris

” Love this product and find it much superior to any other puppy milk supplement I have ever tried before. It literally saved the lives of the puppies in our last litter last autumn. I would never be without it when I have a litter due.”
Sussie Wiles

“I had two very weak puppies and I was afraid that they would not make it, both had very weak sucking reflexes and were unable to feed from the mother. I was able to use the PUPPY PROTECH within 2 hours of whelping and saw a huge difference within 24 hours. Both puppies were more active and have now caught up with the rest of the litter. I was very concerned that they would not make it.”
Connie Abel

“I found the powder mixed really easily, there were a good range of teats to suit all breeds and my puppies found it very palatable, a good substitute for mothers milk.”
Mel Spavin

“Really easy to make and dissolves quickly with no lumps. All puppies have properly formed stools with no issues. All supplemented puppies are thriving so very happy with this product!”
Sheila Jones

“I have always been a user of your puppy milk and many times over the years it has helped rear puppies, but recently I had a premature litter born by c section, who have thrived on your new milk product. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you as a company for not standing still and for continually striving to improve your products. A very happy ROYAL CANIN breeder.”
Paula Knight

“I would just like to thank you for introducing us to the new ROYAL CANIN PUPPY PROTECH with colostrum. It really did save lives when Skye was struggling to feed all nine puppies following her difficult whelping experience. The pups thrived on it and are now three weeks old and have started on ROYAL CANIN Starter. (my breeders tip is to add a small amount of puppy milk to the solids – the pups love it!”
Jacquie Smith

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